Fleeing from Fukushima

Fleeinf from Fukushima
My name is Sho Kamihara. I’m a ghost writer in Japan. Or should I say, I used to be one. Like the kind Ewan McGregor portrayed in the 2010 movie “Ghost Writer.” 
Essentially I write books for academics, famous authors, actors and actresses and so on, all the while hiding in the shadows as a “ghost.” But ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, I felt I couldn’t be just a ghost anymore. That’s because when I tried to put the events of 3.11 into a book, especially the accident that occurred at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, I couldn’t get anyone to give me their cooperation. For a long time – 30 or 40 years – the electric companies have given out large donations and provided sponsorships. This has created an environment in which academics, authors, and entertainers who received money or want to receive money can’t say anything against those companies.

Still, I felt there was a need to write about what happened in Japan, at Fukushima, and the panic that gripped Tokyo. If nobody else is going to write about it, it’s up to me. I can’t be a ghost. I decided to show myself and publish this book.